The goal of VIP is to reduce emissions by replacing old, high-polluting vehicles with newer, lower-emission vehicles. VIP funding is distributed through the Air Resources Board and then to the local air districts.



This program is limited to owners/operators with fleets of 10 or fewer vehicles that have been operating at least 75% in California during the previous 24 months. The goal of the program is to reduce emissions from in-use heavy-duty trucks in small fleets by replacing older engines with Model Years 2010 (or newer) emissions compliant models.



California Fleet Solutions works with VIP approved dealers throughout California and can help you navigate the process and find a dealers you can TRUST!


Program Highlights:

  • First come, first served basis (no application deadline; open until funds are exhausted)

  • Applicant is notified within 5 business days of submitting application for funding

  • Exclusively for small non-drayage fleets (3 or fewer trucks)

  • Maximum of $45,000 available per truck for replacements and $10,000 for retrofits

  • No contract required between applicant and AQMD

  • Official page on CARB website >

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