Emissions Strategy Planning

Emissions Strategy Planning

CFS can help your fleet understand the regulations facing you, answer questions about how and when you need to comply and give you insight on the best compliance plans for your fleet.

Our Emissions Strategic Plan™ (ESP) will help you clearly understand the new Truck & Bus Regulation, including the cost and timelines
for compliance.

Advanced Compliance Planning

Advanced Compliance Planning & Professional Consulting Programs

If the fleet owner wishes to make use of such specialized compliance assistance, CFS will charge two-hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) per hour for time/services on a time and materials basis. CFS will provide detailed hourly records of work performed inclusive of the dates and, where applicable, name of party requesting the work, once parameters of agreement for services are established.

Hourly fees may, at the fleet’s option, be credited against future purchases. If requested, credit will be provided at a rate of one hour per $15,000 in purchases of compliance-related products as outlined in the
project-specific “Scope of Work” document.

CFS does not charge for travel time or travel-related expenses in Southern California for any services rendered pursuant to this agreement. If any services are to be performed which will require CFS personnel to travel by air (i.e., to the Bay Area or Central Valley), or land the fleet will be responsible for mileage or airline and lodging expenses but CFS will not charge on an hourly basis for such travel.
All charges are billed on a monthly basis on Net 30 terms.

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